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  • Jason Moss

    Executive Director of the Jewish Federation

Shana Tova

Evolving and becoming a better version of ourselves

I can honestly say that as a child, I used to dread this time of year. But, come on… what child didn’t since once the calendar changed to September… it could only mean one thing… school was just about to start. And yet, as an adult…

Behind the scenes

Pulling back the curtain to show some of the unseen work of the Jewish Federation

When I was a teenager, I participated in a retreat program in the San Francisco Bay Area that brought teens from all across the area for a series of 3-4 weekend retreats. These retreats were coordinated throug…

Not if, but when

Our security concerns are ramping up

As you might imagine, a lot of things come across my computer screen each day. Whether it is what is taking place in Israel, updates from our local synagogues, information about how upcoming legislation at both the federal and state level could impact ou…

Summer offers kids a break

Camp More Important than Ever

Awww… summer. That time of year when the air is filled with the smell of barbeque, life feels more carefree and it is okay to wear white.


For kids, it is a break from the regular routine of the school year and a chance to just play and be a kid. But for …

This year in Jerusalem

Every Trip to Israel is Different

When I was sixteen years old, I and 45 other teens from northern California, specifically the East Bay, spent six weeks in Israel during the summer after our sophomore year in high school. It was an incredible experience, especially at such a young age, and…