10 2022

Lian Najani - “Life in Israel with Lian: Minorities and Shared Existence.”

2:00PM - 4:00PM  

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Lian Najani discusses “Life in Israel with Lian: Minorities and Shared Existence.” A unique perspective from Israel’s first Arab Rhodes Scholar

April 10, 2 PM On Zoom

Presented by Riverside Temple Beth El

To RSVP/For More Info: Email office@tberiv.org

Najani’s presentation is based on her experiences of having been raised in a liberal Muslim family, attending a Christian high school, and volunteering in a Reform Jewish community center. She grew up as part of four different minority groups in Israel - a woman, an Arab, a Muslim, and a person with a disability - proved to be a catalyst, triggering a drive to pursue social justice and create a more inclusive society, fueling an ambition to promote minority rights, and motivating Lian to develop impactful initiatives for minority populations, both at home and abroad. By introducing the audience to the multiple minority groups that co-exist in Israel, she hopes to raise awareness to the importance of inclusivity policies and explore the shifting currents that underpin Arab-Israeli relations. Lian does not present a perfect image of Israel, but rather explores the nuances, addressing both the opportunities and the challenges facing minority communities in Israel. By celebrating the diversity while simultaneously addressing the issues that exist, her exploration of a modern Israel is what makes her an engaging speaker.