Hillel of Cal Poly Pomona

3801 W Temple Ave
Pomona, CA 91768


Hillel is the center for Jewish campus life at Cal Poly Pomona and is here to connect the Jewish students and form a strong unified community, as well as provide a place for students that want to learn about Judaism to come and ask questions.
As the center of Jewish campus life at Cal Poly Pomona, Hillel has 3 main roles. Primarily, it is a place for Jewish Students to find each other and connect with one another in order to create a solidified Jewish community on campus. Secondly, it is a learning tool for students that want to learn more about Judaism and the Jewish culture. Thirdly, it is a place for students to learn, advocate for and explore Israel, the Jewish homeland, and Israeli culture. To best achieve these goals, Hillel stands firmly on 3 pillars: the Jewish Religion, the Jewish and Israel culture, and community values. Hillel uses these foundations to create a strong basis for a Jewish community and run a wide range of events from social get togethers to holidays to Israel education programs.

If you have any questions regarding anything about Hillel, anything Jewish related or if maybe you even want to find out about getting a free trip to Israel email us at cpphillel@gmail.com

The Current Board:
President/Vice President of Social Engagement: Morgan Davidson
Vice President of Social Media: Sarah Weise
Treasurer: Patrick Tubbs
Secretary: Ori Kenett