14 2018

Religious School at Temple Beth David of the SGV

9:30AM - 12:30PM  

Temple Beth David of the San Gabriel Valley 9677 Longden Avenue
Temple City, CA

Temple Beth David is the home of a Reform Jewish congregation that embraces Judaism’s values and traditions. Our Religious School focuses on spiritual discovery, educational richness, community loving kindness, and personal responsibility. We welcome all Jews and interfaith families committed to living a Jewish life.

We are a diverse and caring community where students are inspired to develop a love of Judaism in its many forms. Guided by the values of Hesed (kindness), K’dushah (holiness), Tsedakah (justice/charity), and Limmud (learning), our purpose is to nourish the hearts, souls, and minds of our students. Our educational programs and staff aspire to provide a foundation for students to comfortably participate in all aspects of Jewish life.

Our philosophies follows that of mishlei's: "Train a child according to his way; even when he grows old, he will not turn away from it. חֲנֹ֣ךְ לַ֖נַּעַר עַל־פִּ֣י דַרְכּ֑וֹ גַּ֥ם כִּֽי־יַ֜זְקִ֗ין לֹֽא־יָס֥וּר מִמֶּֽנָּה:"

Please Contact Gal Kessler Rohs, our Education Director for more information and pricing.