I don't feel alone

When you are going through a crisis like I have been, or just need some help, you need a team. You realize you are on a journey and you have so much to learn. I felt like I had no idea where to begin. Thankfully, I called the Jewish Federation and spoke with someone from the Jewish Counseling and Referral Network. Those phone calls opened up a whole network of people and made me feel comfortable as I navigate through what I have been dealing with.


When I reached out for help, Kim responded immediately and was warm. I felt that she was engaged with me in my struggle. She gave me 3-4 names of professionals to go to…all of them Jewish. The phone call opened up a whole network to me of people I felt comfortable with. I felt so important and so taken care of… I felt I could call back 5 times and I wouldn’t be a bother.


BECAUSE OF YOU, I truly felt the haimish feeling of the Jewish community I grew up with in New York was there for me right here in our community. My journey will be long, but I no longer feel alone… I feel like the Jewish Federation and our local community is right there with me every step of the way.




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