October 19, 2021

I remember when the only way you received updates from family or friends was either by talking to them on the phone, getting together in person, or getting a letter with enclosed photos (developed at a store I might add). That all changed when social media came around. Instantly, people were now able (and encouraged) to share pretty much anything on their minds. However, for many of us, we were not used to sharing everything that was going on in our lives. Be honest… prior to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok (or any other social media platforms) did anyone you know used to take photos of their food unless it was at a wedding and the photographer wanted to capture it for the album?


Social media made it easier to share or announce things to the entire world. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of media of any kind (social or “regular”) is that if you did not see or read that one announcement, you miss it forever. And, if you did not highlight or share something immediately, there is a feeling that you missed the window to share it. This is often what happens to nonprofits. So much effort is made in doing the work we do, we often times forget to share or highlight what we have done with those who did not attend the event or with those the work directly impacted. 


I was reminded of this fact last week.


As you may or may not be aware, I held a Virtual Town Hall last Wednesday to share the results of our 2021 Community Survey. (If you were not able to catch it, you can click the link in this week’s eBlast to watch it.) One of the questions I received during the presentation was about some of the work the Jewish Federation does that often time goes unnoticed. In fact, along those same lines, a number of people commented in the 2021 Community Survey how they were still unclear what the Jewish Federation actually does.


I think it is hard to remember when you are “in the trenches”, the importance of sharing and updating people on the work we do. Some of the “behind the scenes” work that I and the rest of my Jewish Federation staff do does not always feel noteworthy. And yet, we are fully aware of the tremendous impact it can and does have on individual community members. 


With this in mind, beginning in this week’s weekly email, you will notice a new Did You Know? section in our weekly eBlasts to highlight some of these. My hope is that by doing this we can make community members like you more aware of what the Jewish Federation does and how we continue to work to fulfill our mission to strengthen and enhance Jewish life in our community.


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