November 17, 2020

Before I continue with my column, I want to do something I have suggested in previous columns and that is to breathe. I say this because I feel like we keep getting bombarded with one crisis after another. In fact, since March I feel like we have only been in “crisis mode.” And by crisis mode, I mean that we are doing everything we can just to deal or cope with what we are being hit with. So, I encourage all of us to take a moment and breathe. Focus on your breathing and by doing this, we can give ourselves even the smallest of reprieves and breaks.

I start this column with this reminder because this past week we got the news of two very important numbers. Yesterday (Monday), we got word that a second possible vaccine currently being developed and tested has an effective rate of 94.5%, with the first’s rate being over 90%. This news is incredible and provides a glimmer of hope. Unfortunately, we got this news while another 1 million people became infected in just the last week alone, so it is hard to celebrate or be excited when our infection numbers continue to skyrocket.

And to have this happen as we should be getting ready to spend time with family next week to celebrate Thanksgiving is even harder. These numbers, along with the new recommendations from public health officials about how we should celebrate this year, pose many questions that are so difficult to answer. All I can tell you is that whatever you decide, please be safe, take extra caution, and do what you feel you need to do for your family.




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