May 4, 2021

While I do not specifically remember when I first learned about colors, I love seeing the vibrancy colors bring into the world. Now, I have to be honest, I am not always the best at determining what colors go well with others. In fact, my youngest daughter often skips right by me and heads to my wife when she has a question about color choices. “Dad… what do you know about color?” However, what she does not understand is that I know “good colors” when I see them.


But it was not until after 9/11 that I ever heard of using colors to determine the severity of situations. I just remember President George W. Bush at the time mentioning that we had entered a specific threat color.


I bring this up because for the past year our lives have been dictated, once again, by colors set out by the State of California. Each time we have moved to a different color level, there has been a renewed level of excitement (or trepidation).


Having said all of this, although it has never been one of my favorite colors, YELLOW has become my new favorite color (next to Orange and Black for my SF Giants, but I digress.)


Later today, it is expected that we will be moving to the least restrictive color level and more and more restrictions will continue to be lifted. And with this, I cannot be more excited… and nervous. Plus, my oldest daughter and I are getting our second vaccine at the end of this week so it is doubly exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.


You might think that my nervousness stems from the fact, as I have mentioned before, I am not one who enjoys getting shots. Don’t worry… I will make sure I am brave for my daughter (and I will go first).


However, what I am nervous, and a little anxious about, is what life will be like with this lower restriction. Are people going to continue to be responsible and follow CDC guidelines? What about the revised mask guidelines now that more and more people are becoming vaccinated? Plus, how are we going to greet each other when we see one another? As a hugger, as well as someone who likes a good handshake, is that going to be acceptable or are we going to have to keep doing the elbow touch? These are only a handful of questions that I have thought of and know that there are a whole lot more. In fact, please share what questions you have been thinking about by emailing them to


Even with this uncertainty, my excitement level is still through the roof. I am excited that more and more things are opening up and people feel freer to go out and about. I am just hopeful that people will continue to be responsible. After all, even though I really like orange, YELLOW is starting to grow on me… a lot!


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