March 30, 2021

I love movies… more specifically, I love quotable movies. For whatever reason, I have always been able to memorize them. Growing up, it felt like every time my friends and I got together, there would inevitably be at least one or two movie quotes that we escape our lips at some point. 


One of those quotes popped into my head. It actually came from the illustrious and preeminent poet and philosopher… Ferris Bueller. At the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Matthew Broderick shares the following insight…"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


I bring this idea and concept up because it sure feels like things are currently all happening very fast and it is hard to keep up. It feels like it was only a few weeks ago that vaccinations were beginning. And now, in just over two weeks, all of California’s 16-year-olds and older will be eligible to receive it. Add in the fact that around the same time, all of LA County public schools will be welcoming those students who want to have live, in-person instruction back to the classrooms. I have felt like I have to be glued to my local news or I will miss something.


All of this is happening so fast that I have not had time to truly process the implications of all of this. As someone who has been waiting and watching others feel the sense of relief after receiving their first dose of vaccine, let alone the second, I am eager that my time is quickly approaching and I cannot wait. And yet, while I know that the health professionals, the scientists, and those who work for the state and local Department of Public Health are the ones who are giving the go-ahead, I am still nervous and a bit anxious.


I know that my anxiety comes because I am worried about another surge and things having to close back up. We have been making so much progress as our numbers continue to drop and we will hopefully be able to leave the red tier and enter the orange tier by next week. However, I am scared that some irresponsible, reckless behavior from people who don’t seem to care about how their actions can and do affect others will jeopardize all of this. Unfortunately, all we can do is continue to take precautions, follow the CDC and County Department of Public Health guidelines, and not put ourselves in situations that might expose us. And hopefully, it will be because of our responsible behavior and actions that allow us to slowly continue our inching back, closer and close to a return of life, as we knew it, at the start of 2020. 


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