February 28, 2023

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As I have previously shared, I am a huge fan of “National (fill in the blank) Day.” Not only do I think they are fun, but it somehow makes me feel connected with others when I “celebrate” them. While it may come as a surprise, the first “National” day I ever heard about was not National Doughnut Day (which, as a reminder… is the 1st Friday in June). It was National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Not one of my favorites, but still memorable. 


I am sharing this as a pretext for another “National” Day that was supposed to occur this past Saturday (February night, “Increased law enforcement presence, as well as heightened community awareness, helped to ensure this was a Shabbat of peace, not hate. And while white supremacists held protests in Florida and Georgia as well as online live streams, and antisemitic propaganda was distributed in Texas, California, Florida, and Arizona — that had constituted a pretty typical Saturday in America.” 


So, instead of a day filled with an abnormally high amount of antisemitism and hate incidents, the day was met with unity and support. When word got out about the day of hate, the support the Jewish community received was incredible. Elected officials issued statements of solidarity, calling out the hatred for what it was. I think one specific Twitter post summarized it best:  


What the antisemites have accomplished so far on their “Day of Hate”:  

* Jewish communities coming together in pride and defiance  

* Outpouring of support from allies of the Jewish community  


And this is how we will continue to respond to this threat. We will not be cowed. 


This is precisely the type of response we need to continue to see and call on people to do. We need everyone to stand up to all forms of hatred and continue to do so. But moreover, we need these national efforts to be confronted not only by the Jewish community but by our allies as well.  


Let’s commit to continue to do our part by standing together – not just with the Jewish community but all people who are the target of hatred of any kind. Let’s stand together to continue to show that there is no place for hate in our society. And let’s do what we can to return February 25 to the actual national day it should be – National Chocolate Covered Nut Day. 


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