December 28, 2021

One of the many COVID lessons I continue to be fascinated about is how interconnected we are as a people… living here on this earth. It was during the Thanksgiving weekend that we first heard the term “Omicron.” Remember… it was discovered and reported that it was in the southern part of Africa. While I am sure some people initially thought at least it was not where they lived, many more people understood that it was only a matter of time before it would make its way to the US. And now, just about a month since, Omicron is impacting many different pockets of everyday life. From Broadway shows closing, College Bowl games being canceled, and thousands of flights being either significantly delayed or canceled, life is once again being controlled by something that can only be seen under a microscope lens.


I am bothered and frustrated that we are still having to deal with this pandemic. I wish more people would get their vaccinations and boosters, wear their masks appropriately, and understand that the choices they are making can and do impact others. And even though Omicron is not as “dangerous” as the Delta variant, the fact is that it is far more contagious.


I know that many of us thought that 2021 would be the year we said goodbye to COVID. Unfortunately, we will be entering the new year still dealing with it and trying to come to terms with the real possibility that COVID will continue to be a part of our lives for longer than we had ever imagined. All we can do is continue to be vigilant ourselves, take precautions, and be understanding that the plans we make will quite possibly change or be canceled.  



Before I conclude this weekly message, I wanted to ask you to consider making a gift to the Jewish Federation before December 31. Think of it as a final mitzvah in 2021 as your gift will help the Jewish Federation continue our effort to ensure that there is a strong and vibrant Jewish community in 2022 and years to come. Plus, we are so close to meeting our matching challenge. We need just $6,116 to reach our $50,000 goal and your gift could be the one to put us over the top. 


On behalf of myself, my staff, and the Jewish Federation’s Board of Governors, we hope you and your family have a wonderful end to 2021 and a great start to 2022. Together we helped strengthen and enhance Jewish life in our community in 2021. 


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